eTRIKE PLS 135 & PLS 175


Electromobility for efficient everyday work. 

The eTRIKE Platform Scooter electric transport and company scooter simplifies spatial mobility in logistics centers, warehouses and production halls. Wherever long distances need to be covered inside and outside the company, the 3-wheel scooter impresses in terms of stability, transport and efficiency.

A choice of the compact eTRIKE PLS 135 version and the eTRIKE PLS 175 model with a larger loading area for sufficient space to transport cardboard boxes, Euroboxes, tools or goods. Customize the eTRIKE Platform Scooter with the range of accessories: tablet holder, rotating beacon, reversing alarm, own colour scheme, special superstructures and much more are available.


  • eTRIKE Platform Scooter with 1000 W wheel hub motor,
    V/max. 8 - 15 km/h (programmable), range approx. 40 km
  • Steel frame with double base plate and aluminum chequer plate contains battery pack 48 V - 25 / 38 Ah with motor control
  • 1 forward speed, 1 reverse gear; LED headlight, LED tail light, key switch and charger
  • Ø16-inch front wheel with two hydraulic disc brakes and an electric brake with energy recovery
  • Rear wheels Ø10 inch, powder-coated mudguards,
    non-slip checker plate base plate
  • Weight: eTRIKE PLS 135: 95 kg / eTRIKE PLS 175: 130 kg
    Approved total weight: max. 350 kg

Road approval for Germany

Ask for the road-legal eTRIKE Platform Scooter and transport your goods between production sites on industrial estates. Approved with a small insurance license plate, you can cross roads, pavements, cycle paths and pedestrian zones.


You would like to get to know the eTRIKE Platform Scooter from FATH?

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Technical Sales

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